Simply Put - Video Converts

Nothing is Like Website Video in Turning Visitors in to Customers

Website Video

Professional Website Video for Small Business

If you are a small business and want to do something that really gives your website a more punch, you have got to get a website video. Remember the old adage “Simply Put – Video Converts”. It’s true, there is nothing is going to help you’re website like video. Here is four important ways a website video can help:

First of all, video can instill confidence in you and your business. Talk directly to your potential clients through web video; give them a tour of your business or just let them know what you are all about. How about using some powerful testimonials from some of your past clients? Just imagine comfortable your potential clients will be using your service or products.

Secondly, web video can have a big impact on ecommerce store. A simple video highlighting your customer service or demonstrating a product can really help increase sales. For example, a Kissmetric article showed that one online retailer reported that visitors were 144% more likely to purchase after seeing a product video than those who did not.

Third, the more engaging an item is, the more likely it will be shared on social media. So what’s more engaging than video? In our fast pace world, video makes it quick and easy to get your message across.

Fourth, Believe it or not, your website video can have a positive impact on your website’s SEO. How? Because video is more engaging than any other medium, your visitors tend to stay longer on webpages with video. When Google sees visitors staying longer they rank that higher than pages where the visitor quickly leaves the webpage after their initial visit.

In the final analysis, there really is nothing like website video to boost your visitor’s confidence engagement and conversions. Because of this it can rightly be said: “Simply Put – Video Converts”.

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Website Video Makes A Powerful First Impression

“80% of consumers say a video showing how a product or service works is important when learning about the company.” (Animoto)

Video Instills Confidence

Video gives you more control over the first impression you make on prospective clients than any other marketing medium. A good introductory video can have many styles and messages depending on the business. Here is a short example of an introductory video for a service based business that goes into their client’s homes.

According to comScore, users who view a video in your website are more than twice as likely to take an action step such as contacting your company.

Win Over New Clients with Video Testimonials

The Keys to Trust & Sales

Video Testimonials: The Key to Increasing Sales

Selling a product can be a difficult task, especially in today’s society with the abundance of options and product comparisons available. The secret to successfully selling your product is easier than you imagined. Stop and think about what convinced you to buy that new car or phone, most likely it was another person telling you the benefits of the product and how happy they were with their decision to purchase it. Testimonials are a smart and simple way to give potential customers the extra push they need to follow through with buying your product.

Here are some key reasons video testimonials can help sell your product:

Overcome Doubts

Doubts and barriers will always arise when consumer make purchasing decisions. This is especially true if a decision involves a high price tag. To get one step closer to selling your product, you need to overcome those dreadful barriers. 90 percent of customers say that their buying decisions are based on online reviews. Great customer testimonials reassure visitors they will be satisfied with their decision to purchase your product. Questions such as, “Does this product do what I need it to do?”, or “Is this product worth the amount they are asking for?” are easily answered with these personable testimonials. Video testimonials provide consumers with the reassurance they need to make the jump and purchase your product, because past customers are viewed as legitimate sources to answer their lingering questions.

Consumers Are Visual

It is 2015, which means its time to get creative with the type of testimonials you collect. In addition to just text reviews, picture or video testimonials can take your social proof to the next level. Picture and video testimonials are exciting, engaging and reliable. Providing potential clients with visuals of your product is a big game changer. Using these types of testimonials is a creative way to show off your product, inform consumers about how the product works, share the benefits of your product, and show creative ways other consumers are using your product. Having loyal customers show off your product in a visual way is a great way to close more sales.

Be The Solution

When people are looking to purchase a product, they are searching for a solution to a given problem. They might need a car to fit all their children, or a phone that can work underwater for example. Your company can use video testimonials to show that your product can solve those problems. These types of testimonials will show your product is reliable, affordable, and exactly what they have been searching for. Use your testimonials to the best of their ability and make sure they show why your product can be the right solution.

Promote Credibility

Credibility is one of the most important elements to a successful business. People must trust and believe in your word before they will become a loyal customer . Testimonials, especially picture and video, prove that your product does what you say it does. Online shoppers in the United States will spend $327 billion in 2016, up 45% from $226 billion this year. The increase in online shopping makes having testimonials on your website a no brainer. With the increase in e-commerce sales, website credibility is everything. Testimonials demonstrate your business’s and product’s authenticity.

“88% of people trust online video reviews by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.” (BrightLocal)

Increase Sales

Video testimonials help give your product sales the boost they need by getting valuable points across to your potential customers for you. With the increase in online shopping, video testimonials should be a crucial piece of your business’s sales pipeline.

A Cybergenica study found that websites with video testimonials increased sales by an average of 56 percent, as opposed to 18 percent with plain text testimonials.

What is the Cost of a Good Video?

The road to successful images for your business can be confusing. The cost of your the video will depend on your answers to several important questions, for example:

– How many videos do you want?
– How many clients are willing to give testimonials?
– What type of videos are you look to have shot?
– How long are the videos?
– What message are you trying to portray?

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